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About Carolyn C. Swiggart, Attorney At Law

Family law problems and divorce, in particular, are sensitive matters. You may imagine an aggressive approach is necessary to protect your interest and future.

However, litigation is expensive, and court dockets are congested, leading to long wait times and costs. The stress in a contentious court case can be intense. It can be a very unpleasant experience.

Carolyn C. Swiggart understands all this. She has the experience and perspective to help you avoid some of this unpleasantness, while effectively protecting your interests throughout the case.

Insights From More Than 35 Years Of Experience

Attorney Swiggart helps individuals dissolve their marriage, divide their property and create viable custody agreements by careful negotiations.

When children are involved, she helps her clients recognize that while their marriage may end, their relationship with their child’s other parent will continue until that child reaches adulthood.

With that in mind, creating agreements that maintain a civil relationship that will foster their children’s well-being is the optimal outcome. She is also skilled at developing property settlements that recognize the importance of wealth preservation within the context of a divorce.

Mediation And Special Master For Family Law

Attorney Swiggart is a trained divorce mediator and is willing to mediate specific issues or the entire case for clients.

She has also served as a Special Master in the Connecticut Superior Courts for more than 10 years and is available to work with attorneys as a Special Master to help the settlement of a case.

Attorney Swiggart has served as Co-Chairman and Editor of the Connecticut Bar Association Basic Practice Manual and as the author of two chapters of the LexisNexis Practice Guide – Connecticut Family Law.

She also has been trained as a guardian ad litem/Attorney for Minor Child.

She is fluent in French and has served international clients in cases where her language skills, in addition to her legal skills, have been essential.

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For assistance with a broad range of family law concerns, call her Greenwich office at 203-935-8351 or use the convenient online contact form to schedule a meeting to discuss the advantages of mediation.