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Dealing With Family Law Transitions

Prenuptial agreements are important for clients as they begin married life to protect assets, inheritance, and children of prior marriages.

Marital or postnuptial agreements take into consideration financial changes the parties experience during the marriage.

Divorce deals with the end of a marriage, including the distribution of assets, debts, and income, as well as custody and parenting issues. The settlement can be made pursuant to a negotiated separation agreement or mediation or through litigation.

Post-judgment proceedings can modify financial and children’s custody and parenting orders, as well as enforce alimony, property transfers, child support, and other orders of the court.

Protecting Your Property And Rights

Attorney Carolyn C. Swiggart believes lasting and fair results are best achieved through thoughtful, negotiated agreements. The best case is when both sides work amicably with the realization that divorce does not necessarily mean the end of the parties’ relationship, especially when children are involved.

She is known for commonsense and creative solutions for complicated financial situations.

Agreements require clear and unambiguous terms, and Attorney Swiggart provides excellent draftsmanship of documents. She is a well-regarded writer and a trained divorce mediator and is willing to mediate specific issues or the entire case for clients.

Special Master With Family Law Cases

She serves as a court-appointed Special Master in the Connecticut Superior Court, a position she has held for over 20 years.  In addition, she is available to counsel parties as a private special master to help with discovery and other issues.

She has extensive experience with high net worth individuals and international clients. Attorney Swiggart has been called upon to render legal opinions in a number of French cases involving Connecticut law issues.

When Litigation Is Necessary

Litigation can be a necessary and powerful tool to compel the production of information and to enforce a party’s rights. Sometimes a case is not suited for mediation, and the litigated approach is necessary.

Attorney Swiggart has more than 35 years of effective family litigation experience in the Connecticut courts. She has the experience to know when litigation is required and the most effective strategies to use with litigation.

She will pursue your case diligently and according to your needs – whether at the negotiation table or in court. Attorney Swiggart stands by her clients and will continue representation in post-judgment matters. She will also take post-judgment matters from new clients.

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