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How A Special Master Can Assist With Your Divorce

Special Masters are experienced attorneys who work with each side’s attorneys to help resolve a case without a formal court hearing.

The attorneys present their clients’ positions, financial and other relevant information, and the particular issue that needs work.  The Special Master analyzes the financial documents, court pleadings and decisions, and each side’s arguments, and then gives recommendations to the attorneys.

Sometimes, the Special Master will hear the parties themselves. The Special Master is independent and neutral and is hired by agreement of the parties.

Using a Special Master can be an efficient, quick, and commonsense alternative to expensive and lengthy court proceedings.

The Special Master gives a fresh point of view to the case, which is often needed when a contested case gets bogged down by an issue. The solution offered by the Special Master is nonbinding and is never filed in the court case. It is a private and confidential meeting.

Attorney Carolyn C. Swiggart has over 20 years of experience as a Family Law Special Master in the Connecticut Superior Court. She is available for private Special Master meetings and welcomes referrals from attorneys and mediators.

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