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Property Division In A Divorce

Divorce is full of challenges, and property division is a major one. Splitting up tangible items can be emotionally difficult.  Dividing real estate and investments accumulated during marriage can be contentious.  Allocating sophisticated financials and retirement assets requires expert advice.

This is where a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer can be invaluable. Attorney Carolyn C. Swiggart has more than 35 years of experience helping individuals going through a divorce create viable property division settlements.

An Experienced Approach To Property Settlements

Attorney Swiggart’s experience and insight are important to preserve assets from your marriage for your future.

Heavily litigated property cases cost a great deal of money, and will likely result in fewer assets to divide. Attorney Swiggart can help you understand what is obtainable and how to best arrive at a reasonable settlement or litigation claim.

Complex Financial Situations Demand Sophisticated Solutions

Property division can be complex, even in the most straightforward of divorces. Many cases involve family businesses, privately-held businesses, sophisticated financial situations, and assets that are difficult to value.

You have to know what the asset is, how much it is worth, and how or if it can be divided.  Experience and access to resources, such as forensic accountants and appraisers, are advantageous.  Attorney Swiggart has both.

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